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Entertaining the live sound of the brass band, and also makes it easy marches Corps Fanfare Stadt Münster a versatile and popular guest at major international events. So the Corps played to the delight of the visitors in the Congress at the ICC Berlin and Hamburg. In marching band we
could the Corps on many carnival events in Cologne, Koblenz and Münster course also admire. As many gigs in Gruga in Essen, Dortmund and deWestfalenhalle in the Westphalian Stallion Parade are milestones on the successful path of Stadtfanfarenkorps Münster As an ambassador of the people associated with pleasure was music Corps also guest appearances in Coevorden, Groningen, Veendam and Losser in the Netherlands, to Orleans, Rouen, Neuville aux Bois and St. Jean de la Ruelle, France. On television had many music lovers to enjoy the rhythms of the Corps.
The Stadtfanfarenkorps Münster gives concerts both in a larger or small frame. Entertaining live music events to bring just the right flair, because we do not require playback. Sports events, horse competitions, festivals and fire personnel get through the action of the fanfare a special attraction. Or carnival, with anniversaries, in publicity events or as an occasional concert, the sight of the brass band and its compelling music popularity. IPlease contact us if you have any questions. We will inform you about all the arrangements. Our contact person in the English language is
Mr. Gerson Akpossogna, Email:
Corps Director: 1st Chairman 2nd Chairman
Phone number: 004901525
378 99 28
Phone number: 0049/251/ 279635 Phone number: 0049/251/ 2634515
Martin Pentrop
Werner Helmig
Wolfgang Schober

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